Reach over 10,000 shoppers per week who visit a grocery store, many of them combing the aisles for an hour or more. This means several thousands of potential customers will see your shopping cart advertisement – multiple times!

Shopping cart inserts are printed on heavy weight gloss paper.

  • Finished Art Size: 6” x 9” Trimmed to bleed
  • Art Size with Bleed: 6.5” x 9.5” With 1/4” bleed on all sides
  • Live Area Inside Safety Zone: 5” x 8” Please allow a 1/2” Safety Zone around all edges

File Formats

Any Adobe native design files and PDF’s are preferred, we also accept .eps & tiff files.
When saving as a PDF please save as a “Press Quality” PDF.

Steps Before Saving

  • Extend all background art and images to full bleed
  • Keep all important text and images within the Safety Zone (this will prevent any possible issues converting important assets being cut off or covered by hardware)
  • Convert all fonts to outlines (if the fonts are not converted, upon opening the file, all fonts will be substituted altering the look of the art)
  • Identify all Pantone Colors and provide PMS codes
  • Include any linked files or images if not embedded
  • All Raster images must be 300 dpi at full scale, minimum of 150

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